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If you are not a professional player in the golf course, it is a daunting task to select the right golf club without the database to back it up. Luckily, the technology has upgraded and the price of the golf watches decreased within few years. The high-quality golf GPS devices enable to help you select the best club to hit with. Today, we review the Garmin GPS Watches which are S2, S4, and S6. You also check golf GPS reviews on the reputable blogs.

1. Garmin Approach S2 Golf GPS Watches

The S2 is the most fundamental models in the Garmin GPS Watch line and it is also the most expensive golf watches. If you are a new golfer and you try to use a GPS device, you should consider the S2.

Although it does not have a touch screen like other high-end products, it is not difficult to control. It has 4 main buttons on the side of the unit in order to handle the device quite well.

Furthermore, you do not have to recharge the battery all the time because it can run 8 hours in the GPS mode and 3 weeks in the watch mode. It also has freer lifetime course updates for you to choose from.

All models of the S2 can calculate the ideal yardage for your shot no matter how the course is. Because of the front yardage, the back, the center of the green in each watch, you may line up the exact shot.

Thanks to the digital scorecard, continue to undertake on your round on the course and check the database on your watch promptly. You ought to upload your scores to a device to maintain your progress on the S2.

Everything you need to support your performance on the golf course can be adapted with the features of the S2. The interface is easy to use and control all your shots.


  • Highest accuracy level
  • Solid and waterproof construction
  • Endurable for a while
  • Many colors to choose from
  • Reasonable price point
  • Great digital scorecard


  • Not attractive screen on the design
  • Not durable battery (you have to recharge it after 8-hour using)

2. Garmin Approach S4 Golf GPS Watches

The S4 has a strong construction with several features that will help you continue the game on the next level. The price is so affordable which you may surprise (under $100). The touchscreen can assist you to adjust the feature you want to pick, but this is a black-and-white screen.

The battery source lasts 10 hours in the GPS mode and 6 weeks in the watch mode. On the one hand, the S4 has the green theme in the shape and layout. Then, it permits you to haul the pin to the ideal location of the day.

When you are playing on the course, you do not have to check your bag on a regular basis to find your smartphone as you have a phone call or new emails. The S4 can help you to transfer these notifications to your watch immediately.


  • Exact shape and layout of the green
  • Right yardages to all the green from the front to the middle, and the back
  • Ease of reading the screen
  • Ease of control the watch
  • Great touchscreen


  • Lack of the warning feature (when you will hit the ball to the dangerous hazard)
  • Cannot show the true regulations on the local golf course while playing

3. Garmin Approach S6 Golf GPS Watches

The S6 is the latest golf watch which has new features from the color background to the touchscreen. With the course maps, you can have a great look at any hole you want to shoot. The course maps have also upgraded with new dimensions and these are colorful.

The most wonderful about the S6 is the battery source is truly solid because you can keep on your track smoothly and it does not immediately die. The model ought to transfer its job to everyday wearing. Do not surprise that the S6 can last 20 weeks in the watch mode!

Performing the game on the next level is important if you are a real golfer. The S6 has a slim-body design and several new features to improve your score on the course greatly.

With the SwingStrength feature, it may measure the speed and how you swing is. Next, you will have the right feedback on your power. By doing this, you might know how to improve a stronger swing as soon as possible.

For the PinPointer, you can monitor the blind shots. In case you could not see the pin or the green direction, the PinPointer will display the right way even though it has a hill, several trees, and other obstacles in your view.

The S6 is the thinnest and lightest also protect your wrist while challenging the game.


  • Wonderful features
  • Lightweight and slim construction
  • Good-looking design
  • Well-made and durable
  • Exact course coverage


  • Cannot show the distances between you and the areas
  • Cannot see the scoreboard or stats on other smart devices


If you want to enhance your golf swing and your technique as well, then you could read this article about the Garmin GPS S2, S4, and S6 Watch right away. You need to discover other golf GPS devices to determine the final product for you.

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