Best Gift For Golfer Dad

With the world at your fingertips, augmented reality is just another trigger of heightened senses – a feeling you can never have too much of. When fragmented moments and hyperreal images meld into one exhilarating experience, taking your breath away, don’t you just love your gadgets and wish you had more of them?

Today, one look at the average gizmo-lover’s room is enough to make us realise that we have come a long way from staring enraptured at grainy black-and-white televisions that were once our window to the world. Entertainment has become personal, and we now put our souls into palm-sized devices that can transport us to a virtual dimension with the simple push of a button. ‘Idiot boxes’ have become intelligent, obediently changing channels to the wave of a hand, and motion sensors have relegated remote controls to the background.

Today, you return from office to a den equipped with devices designed to soothe your frayed nerves.

These gadgets customise your personal space, effectively transforming it from a laidback bachelor pad to anything your techie heart desires – a cinema theatre screening a laugh-out-loud movie, a discotheque with bone-jarring yet crystal-clear music, or even an adrenaline-pumping gaming zone.

True, we are a restless generation addicted to constant updation – forever getting ahead of ourselves – but let’s try to make the best of it. If gadgets are your thing of choice, get your swagger going with these.


Bushnell Tour V2 Slope Edition Rangefinder

This handy button-cute device from Bushnell is the world’s smallest laser rangefinder with selective targeting modes and superb optical quality; it is every golfer’s dream come true. Under the standard mode, without using the pinseeker, the range shows up after you aim at the target and push the button located at the top. The device has a 51,000 yard ranging performance. Using the pinseeker, which shows the closer of two objects and eliminates the background, the slope mode is enabled and gives estimates based on its calculation of the degree of elevation. If you have always been a GPS user on the golf course, give the rangefinder a try – you may be pleasantly surprised.

Bushnell’s Tour v3 Golf Rangefinder

With its ergonomic design and its PinSeeker with “Jolt Technology,” the Tour V3 sets the standard for the distance-challenged golfer who sometimes has trouble judging the right length to the hole. The rangefinder eliminates all doubt by delivering short vibrating bursts, indicating its laser has locked on the flag. The Rangefinder also features Bushnell’s patented “Slope Technology,” providing compensated swing yardage depending on the degree of incline or decline between golfer and green. Yes, you still have to hit the ball yourself – but this gadget is the ultimate caddy when it comes to locking on your target.

SkyGolf GPS

SkyGolf GPS, manufacturer of the SG2 “next-generation” rangefinder, has teamed with golf industry sales and marketing firm The Duran Group of Santa Fe Springs, Calif., to support its growth expectations for the popular handheld GPS unit made exclusively for golfers. The firm will immediately begin implementing a custom-tailored sales program for SkyGolf GPS that will include the formation of an inside sales team, whose responsibilities will include establishing and maintaining relationships with thousands of retail partners across the U.S.


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