The Netherlands defeated Spain 5-1 in each team's opening match of the 2014 World Cup. The game was a rematch of the 2010 World Cup Final in which Spain defeated the Netherlands 1-0. This was "...the 1st time in World Cup history that the 2 finalists from the previous World Cup face each other in the Group Stage" according to Sportsnet Ticker

Some more interesting facts from Sportsnet Ticker's twitter:

  • This is the first time that the World Cup defending champs allowed 3 or more goals in their first match of the following World Cup (Sportsnet Ticker). 
  • "Spain allows 5 goals in a match for the first time since June 13, 1963 in a 6-2 loss vs Scotland in a friendly." (Sportsnet Ticker)
  • "Spain has allowed more goals today than they did during the 2010 World Cup & Euro 2012.....combined." (Sportsnet Ticker)

Recap: Spain opened the scoring on a penalty kick at 27'. Xabi Alonso would score Spain's only goal of the match.

Robin van Parsie then tied the game at 44' with this absolutely gorgeous header (that goal was so great it got it's own post - check the GIFs out there).

Arjen Robben put the Netherlands ahead 2-1 at 53' and they never looked back:

Stefan de Vrij then made it 3-1 at 64':

Robin van Persie scored his second of the match and the fourth goal for the Netherlands at 72':

At 80', Robben scored his second goal and put the Netherlands up 5-1 with this fantastic burst of speed:

5-1 was the final. Stay tuned for a post of celebration GIFs.