Argentina will face Germany in the World Cup final for the third time in history (1986 and 1990 were the previous meetings) after defeating the Netherlands in the semifinals. The extremely boring, scoreless game went to penatly kicks after 120 minutes of no goals. The Netherlands, who won their quarterfinals match against Costa Rica in penalty kicks, were unable to substitute Tim Krul in as goalkeeper after opting to use their three substitutions otherwise. They had subbed Krul in for their regular goalkeeper, Jasper Cillessen, exclusively to stop penalty kicks against Costa Rica - a first in World Cup history. The Netherlands used their third and final substitute to take out disappointing star Robin Van Persie, which put them in a tough situation by not being able to sub in Krul or use Van Persie in penalty kicks.

Cillessen made no saves against the four Argentine shooters he faced. Meanwhile, Argentina goalkeeper Sergio Romero stopped the first and third shooters for the Netherlands. The first shooter for the Netherlands, Ron Vlaar, was considered a questionable choice for taking penalty kicks. It remains questionable considering he was easily stopped by Romero.

Lionel Messi took Argentina's first penalty kick and easily buried it.


Arjden Robben converted on the next chance for the Netherlands.

Ezequiel Garay, the second shooter for Argentina, also scored.

The third shooter for Holland was Wesley Sneijder, and he was denied on an excellent save.

Sergio Aguero was the third shooter for Argentina, and he, too, scored.

Dirk Kyut scored on his penalty kick for the Netherlands to keep his team alive.

Up fourth for Argentina was Maxi Rodriguez. He would clinch the match by converting on the penalty kick, and he did.

Argentina will face Germany in the finals on Sunday.