France defeated Honduras 3-0 in the Group E match on Sunday. After Wilson Palacios of Honduras received his second yellow card in the first half, he was automatically given a red card and kicked out of the game. Honduras was then forced to play the remainder of the game - including the entire second half - with only ten players. 

France opened the scoring on a goal from Karim Benzema in the 45th minute. Benzema converted on a penalty kick that was awarded after Palacios committed the penalty inside the box - the penalty that resulted in a red card.

France then led 2-0 after a play in the 48th minute caused Honduras goalkeeper Noel Valladares to own-goal. This play also required the first useful implementation of FIFA's new expensive, fancy new "goal line technology" to ensure that the ball did indeed cross the goal line in it's entirety. 

The goal would have been awarded to Benzema for his second of the game, but was ruled an own-goal by the goalkeeper instead. Benzema struck again, however, in the 72nd minute with yet another goal.