On Monday night, Alec Martinez, Justin Williams, and the Keeper of the Cup Phil Pritchard, stopped by the Jimmy Kimmel Live show with the Stanley Cup and Conn Smythe trophy in tow. Jimmy asks Pritchard what is and is not allowed with the Cup. Jimmy fires off a list of really ridiculous and fantastic questions about what one could possibly do with the Stanley Cup.

"Can we wash a dog in the Stanley Cup?"

"Can we flip it over and play it like a bongo?"

Still nope.

"Can we spray paint it black in honor of the Kings?"


"Can we steam vegetables in it?"


Unfortunately, still no.

"Can I take it outside and weld it to my car as a hood ornament?"


Phil finally says yes.

The ingredients are carted out. Watch the magic unfold!!

"Add a little more of that tequila," Martinez says. Because Alec Martinez does NOTHING IN MODERATION. Including M&Ms and tequila. And being awesome and scoring goals.

"Is this your tequila of choice?" Williams asks Jimmy. Because he is a nice Canadian boy with manners.

Finally, it is ready. "Shall we?" someone asks. Who? I do not know, as I am too excited by the colorful straws.

This was really great, so watch the whole thing now, right here

So far, Martinez is killing it in terms of consuming excellent food and drink out of the Cup this year. I hope there's even greater things in store, if possible.

S/t to Puck Daddy. This has made my entire day and it's not even 7am yet.