The Los Angeles Kings held their Stanley Cup Championship parade on Monday. After the outdoor portion ended, they went inside the Staples Cener for some more fun times and a video montage followed by another team picture, with 18,000 fans filling the building.

So far, the only GIF I have of the outdoor parade is this one, which struck me as extremely dangerous as it seems it could have struck some players in the heads and decapitated them:

More GIFs of this portion will be forthcoming. For now, here are my favorite parts of the indoor, tail-end part of the rally. First and foremost, this was my favorite part...

In a clearly rehearsed bit, Dean Lombardi summoned Dustin Brown and Anze Kopitar to the podium after he finished giving his own lengthy speech to ask them a question. The question? "Which is your favorite ring?" The response, in perfect unison: "the next one."

Luc Robitaille was positively giddy after Brown and Kopitar's bit.

They - and the entire team - spent the next five minutes giggling uncontrollably at the joke and presumably how clever they are.

To commence the indoor activities, each member of the team - from trainers, coaches, executives, and playres - were introduced individually, accompanied by a specific and/or unique stat. (Side note: It was quite a bad idea to have Jarret Stoll, whose intro stat was "he was great at faceoffs" come directly after Martinez, who got one of the loudest applause as his game winning goal milestones and varied awesome accomplishments were named).

Darryl Sutter received one of the loudest rounds of applause and gave a rarely seen emphatic fist pump. He then gave a wonderful speech, which can be seen here.

Another enjoyable part during the player introductions was Anze Kopitar carrying out the Campbell Bowl. He lugged it out with a look on his face that was something along the lines of "how exactly did I get stuck with this duty?" He was followed by Justin Williams with the Conn Smythe trophy and Dustin Brown with the Stanley Cup.

After the introductions and lengthy speeches from management, coaches, players, and whoever else wanted to talk (or so it seemed), everyone sat back to watch a lovely video montage that spanned four or five songs, covering the entire playoff run - round by round - in sufficient details. The  player reaction to what they were watching on the screen was the greatest part.

First of all, here is an inside the glass look at that fabulous Western Conference Final Game 7 overtime celebration from Drew Doughty in which he hurled himself into the glass at the end of the bench (and promptly faceplanted over the boards). Doughty laughs as he watches below.

Another great moment was when they showed Martinez scoring the Cup-clinching goal (complete with jazzhands) and cut to his reaction. He watched intently with a smile growing on his face. It was great, okay?

At one point during the video, Brown got out of his seat to stand alone and watch crom a better angle.

Then, of course, Tyler Toffoli and Tanner Pearson struggled to pay attention the majority of the time. Because they're 12.

The team then settled around the Cup and other hardware for some more team pictures. I enjoy the look on Brown's face at the very start of this GIF:

Then Quick struggles to get up:

More GIFs of Monday's celebrations coming soon!