On August 20th, a Czech website posted an interview with Tomas Hertl entitled - loosely and therefore likely inaccurately due to Google translations - "Pretending strictly? This is misery, I prefer laughing, admits Hertl. Life Tref would like to repeat." The article is written by Václav Jáchim. Below is the entirety of the translation. Please let me know if you see anything you know needs to be fixed.

Summer after the first breakthrough season in the NHL is moving slowly to the target, Tomáš Hertl enjoyed relaxing with family and trainings for Slavia, where he battled among the world leaders. Talent, who starred in the best San Jose, about to raise anchor and head into a new year. Have not as a conqueror who has nothing to lose. Czech national team will be a little-known rookie team gets a starring role. Empowered patience and dedication with which he was able to pass through a serious knee injury, to sharpen his fangs on another great season. "It is very gratifying to have it all began," eager openly.

In a meeting with journalists on home turf company Sport Invest, which represents Hertl, was a participant last two world championships relaxed. "I'm fit, I have no health problems," acknowledges. In preparation he could, he needed soon will tune form in the United States. A few things are new. Over the years lost countryman Tomas has a new deal without Martin Havlat, in which he found help and i need something good to eat. "Cook the girlfriend to arrive for me., I became independent, I have my apartment. I needed it," he adds.

Awaits second season in the NHL, which is said that it is more difficult than the first night. Are you looking forward to it all breaks out again?
"Yes, very much. played a long time, I'm excited. says that the second season is worse, but I do not see it. wanted to say we vlítnout like last year, I would like to play the best hockey. A fall when a goal, so be it. particular, it must go to the team. "

If you have information about where the trainers you count? It can be an elite first line?
"With the coaches I did not speak, he never told me where I should play., they do not trouble me no post, so I have no idea where to start. This is what I know about the beginning of the camp or after arrival." 

How's your health? The camp of young players you had time to land due to the fact that there was a knee again.
"Back then it was right after I jumped. A before doing anything. Elbow I easily felt, so I did not want me to do something about it . could say that it was a preventative. guys at the camp fought in a match if I somehow stupidly left knee, it could be worse.'s why I slowed down., but now I do, I do it all. Elbow does not limit me, which for me is paramount. "

How did you enjoy your summer?
"It was quite fast. I'm flying, I find that I'm here too long, he did not. still indulge Czech dishes such as sirloin or pork, dumplings and sauerkraut, I gained strength. entire time I trained regularly, otherwise I'm pretty time spent at home in bed with their parents and so on. Now slowly say goodbye. Well, while I probably will miss, but once the season starts, it will again match after match. A on it so much forward to it. "

You have changed somehow summer training? For example, say you're ranked runs up the stairs.
"Been doing it for a long time. During training exercises are rotated, by focusing mainly on leg strength, which is my preference. course in hockey neglecting the abdomen, hands on. A person needs to have the whole set body. So I'm much appreciated, have added some ice on those skills. "

A lot of times you trained with Vladimir Sobotka, there were also fights in boxing.Who was it better?**
"I think governments. This would give me if I said no ... But he has to the relationship. as I begin to smile, or give him a little more punch, now goes to me. Can say that I had provoked by his smile. Vlada is this more like a fight in NHL graduated. pokakánek I sometimes when I get downright blows to the face., if I trained more, I would have been better, in my case the box is downright complementary. debris, discharge - and the nerves go away. "

Are you ready to drop gloves and the NHL ?

"If it came to nothing else I could do. Charo But like I could not scan. If I lifted the Stanley Cup, I lose it now (laughs). I take it that one can do in a fight and stupid injury. On the other hand, - if my opponent dropped gloves, and I drove to the cabin, it would be a shame. "

Next year will be the World Championships in Prague and Ostrava, but if San Jose will go far in the play off, you will be missed. How do you accept?
'Championship in Prague is a beautiful home it will be unreal. Makai But the whole year for the team in the regular season is 82 games. Rather, I went on the Stanley Cup. I can not say that I wanted to get out quickly in the first round and fly to the championship. Certainly not! "

Last year you were relatively unknown newcomer, but entry into the NHL you out tremendously. Are you ready for that from now you will be more widely expect?
"With the pressure does not fight, do not do it in your head.'s team full of stars, we have five top players who have contracts and spot high in September. myself do not take the pressure that would should I just win games. "

After last season, there was talk of changes to the squad, but in the end there was not much.
"We can say that the base remained the same., I'm happy. guys with a known gang was excellent. now is that we did not have a good basic part but mainly we come in play off farther than this year. still there is disappointment of elimination, because we were close to the process. Could we go away. fallen But we Los Angeles, which is a pity. Additionally with them now we will start the new season. " 

Last year, you helped a lot in the beginning Martin Havlat, but in the summer he headed to New Jersey. The team of Czech players remain alone. I regret it?
"It's a pity, but I wish Martin the best. I hope that he will be in Devils thrive. Loni helped me so much, that's true. My English was not great, it showed me there. When we were on trip, we went to dinner together and were much together. "

Your position has changed, we are not a rookie, what discovers the world on behalf of the NHL. Did you feel such as the July camp for young players that belong to mazákům?
"Well, we can say that a little bit, yeah. was something else. During the last two camps I was somewhere in the corner, I almost did not want to talk. now? I belonged to those who were almost first in the hot tub (laughs). I knew what to do, I knew it. Instead, I could say something to be Russian Goldobinovi, whose club took this year in the first round. Furt wanted to know what it is, what are doing here - so I could have something to show him. And the other boys as well. "

Your great spice to enter the NHL goalscoring performance against the New York Rangers, especially after a shot hit the legs under the upper bar round the world. As you take this action at a distance. I look at her sometimes?
"Yeah, I remember it always. A'll probably die. ending this trying time. When I was on the ice at Slavia with younger, that's how I hit it, then you guys make fun of me, let try something similar in the NHL. then it was evening, never to be forgotten. Such a goal I have here in Bohemia never gave, I was always afraid, really I did to the NHL, which surprised even myself. "

Let's try that again?
"Once yeah, to prove that it was not a coincidence. I do not know if next season. maybe I'll try something else when the time. course a few times I wanted to give it."

Who will keep the team most bass when Martin Havlat during the summer gone?
"most probably come out with Tommy Wingelsem, or with Logan Couture. Generally, the younger guys. Wingelesem S I really enjoyed, over the years we have also written.'ll be there Now from the Czechs alone so I can hone English, Czech because it almost tripping will not speak. "

Last week you were to look at the Memorial of Ivan Hlinka in Břeclavi. Sharks scouts advise you that drafted some young fellow?
"I am the general manager at the camp said that this year was not, but the next could take some Cech. now in Břeclavi I spoke with three scouts, now I purposely naťukl that I wanted someone from the Czech team. talked to some guys they like, so we'll see. "

Did you see the Memorial of Ivan Hlinka talented Czech player? Maybe the new Tomas Hertl?
"We are all different, hard to say. boys played mostly team, but there was certainly a lot of good guys."

In the eighteen missing Pavel Zach, a talented striker went to the Canadian juniors, on the other hand you have opened the door to the NHL in the league. How do you see this issue?
"We are all a little different player, everyone prefers something different. came to me, I played at home for guys where better adapt to adult hockey. again in the Canadian youth team playing hockey overseas on a short rink, where it is much different in comparison with Europe, learn English and you are more on the eyes. advice ... It's hard to think that neither variant is not bad. mainly depends Similarly, you played well. "

When you see a person on and off the ice, constantly accompany you forever vysmátého image of a cheerful boy. Other probably will not it?
"I do not even otherwise! Now I photographed something and wanted me to somehow looked sternly. Moc not work, I struggled with a lot., I'm glad mockery. A hope that I whole season. "

**GIFs and video of Sobotka and Hertl boxing can be found here! It's actually adorable how they are friends, because I have been a Sobotka fan since his days in Boston.

I am aware that interview made absolutely no sense, but it's better than nothing I suppose. Or maybe it's not. Whatever. Here's the link!

Since I have no other Hertl GIFs handy and this is a GIF blog, here is one where he is set up by Jagr for a goal at the World Championship a few months ago.

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I don't know about you guys, but I'm excited for a full healthy season from this kid. Also, this (thanks reddit):