When the Los Angeles Kings won the Stanley Cup for the second time in three seasons on Friday night, captain Dustin Brown had to choose between Marian Gaborik and Robyn Regehr. According to this NHL article, "Brown said he planned on handing off to either Regehr or Gaborik..." In the NHL, "[t]he second person in the procession to raise the Cup holds significance in hockey, and Regehr was honored."

Regehr didn't play in the Stanley Cup Final after suffering injury in an earlier round, but he has seniority over Gaborik in age, games played, and number of times in which he has previously come agonizingly close to winning the Stanley Cup only to fall short. Regehr is 34; Gaboik is 32. Regehr has played in 1,022 regular season NHL games - a milestone for which he was honored for by the Kings on February 1, 2014; Gaborik has played in just over 800 NHL games. Prior to this season, Gaborik's longest playoff run game in 2012 with the New York Rangers, who lost in the Conference Final to the New Jersey Devils (who lost to the Kings). Regehr had come much closer though - he was on the 2004 Calgary Flames team that lost in Game 7 to the Tampa Bay Lightning. 

Which means Regehr has won a Stanley Cup before Jarome Iginla. (Dammit, Bruins.)

Anyway, Dustin Brown had made his decision and after he accepted the Stanley Cup from commissioner Gary Bettman (who received a surprisingly tiny volume of boos, in comparison to recent years), he took a short twirl with the Cup before turning around and summoning Regehr. Or, Reginald, as he shall now be called. Here is a GIF with subtitles of the silly sequence:

Now I will return to being sad that there is no more hockey until September.