In a pre-match interview on ESPN today, Novak Djokovic spoke about the balance between being a serious tennis player and showing personality. He said of personality in tennis:

It’s my opinion - we need it more in sports, in tennis. We need more entertainment, we need more personalities, more character. People wanna see not just you hitting the tennis ball on courts, they wanna get to know you…I think the stories individually - both men’s and women’s - how they grew up, how they developed into professional players, this is stuff that people wanna know.

ESPN then replayed video of Djokovic dancing for the audience at the US Open after his earlier win. He danced to Vanilla Ice, although no music was actually playing.

Djokovic is the top seeded player at the US Open, and has made the finals at this tournament four years in a row. In the second round, he defeated Paul-Henri Mathieu, 6-1, 6-3, 6-0. In the third round, Djokovic will face American Sam Querrey

Djokovic has had a successful summer personally - he got married and his wife is 8-months pregnant, and professionally - he won Wimbledon.