The Champions Hockey League is pretty much what the name says it is - a tournament featuring the best teams from hockey leagues in Europe, going up against one another to determine the champion. European soccer/football does the same thing, and it's a really great idea. The Champions Hockey League began just a few days ago in August and will run through September. Read more abut the format and clubs involved at the official website or wikipedia

Already there have been some highlight reel goals that emphasize the 'champion' aspect of the league. Marek Trončinský of Ocelari Trinec scored this between-the-legs goal against SC Bern on August 21.

Vincent Praplan of the Kloten Flyers scored another impressive goal against HV71 one night later (last night). 

I had heard of this new league vaguely, but didn't really consider watching it until now. After seeing both goals above, I plan on watching whatever I can in the future.


S/T Puck Daddy