A few days ago, I posted GIFs/video/GIFS of video from TMZ that showed Alec Martinez crowded into a bar, filling the Stanley Cup to the brim with M&Ms for reasons unknown shortly after the Los Angeles Kings won the Stanley Cup on Friday evening.

The context of the video seemed vague and random. We should have known better. TMZ reported that the dapper gentlemen accompanying Martinez, for example, was a new keeper of the Cup. It's actually Cabbie, and Martinez was filming video with a silly script with Cabbie that involved the M&Ms. Click here to watch the video. Scroll down to watch the video in GIF form. Actually, do both because the video is great and incudes far more than the scene with the M&Ms.

It begins with Cabbie storming Staples Center ice after the Kings won the Cup, still caught up in the chaos of celebration and elation. He conducts the interviews within the Hollywood film theme - save for the moment he makes fun of Justin Williams for crying. He begins his voiceover introduction: "This is Hollywood. Quite the script that was written..."

Before they get to the bar and whip out the M&Ms, Cabbie asks some questions along Hollywood movie themes -- sequels, villains, heroes and breakout stars. "Which villain did you get the most satisfaction in dispatching?" (Sharks, says Pearson. Sharks and Ducks, says StollBlackhawks, says Carter. Sharks AND Ducks, says Richards. ALL OF THEM!, says Williams).

"With a big cast, there's always someone who steals the movies...In this cast of characters, who was the breakout star?"(Justin Williams, says everyone except Justin Williams, who picked Alec Martinez.) Then cut to -- Alec Martinez. In a bar. With the Stanley Cup. And a lethal amount of M&Ms. 

This is actually really great with context. Stupid TMZ ruined it. Anyway, it continues, as Martinez and Cabbie recruit his fellow Kings teammates in the bar to eat some of the absurd number of M&Ms that have been poured into the Stanley Cup bowl.

And that's the end. Now wans't that fun?! Not that you needed me to narrate this two minute video, which you should watch anyway. These GIFs are really fun though, and will be great to use out of context. 

I also applaud the idea of this piece, especially the part of filling the Cup with M&Ms. Although the M&Ms probably taste like beer and champagne and other various remnants of rancid alcohol, I do not have any doubt in my mind that it was delicious to scarf down fourteen bags worth of it.

Well done.