Down by two sets in the quarterfinals of the US Open on Thursday, Tomas Berdych thought he had played a fantastic point in a crucial third set point against his opponent Marin Cilic. The chair umpire determined that the ball had bounced twice before Berdych had got to it, although it was incredibly difficult to tell from the course of play. Berdych approached the chair and threw a subdued temper tantrum, repeatedly explaining how the ball had spun and begging with the umpire to reverse her call. She sat patiently and refused, telling him that it definitely did bounce twice.

At one point in time during the one-sided argument, he pulled the dreaded "you've never played the game" card, which was uncalled for, especially considering that replay of the point shows it did bounce twice. Unfortunately, the rules of the game do not allow video replay for that particular call. Either way, the chair umpire got it right. Berdych continued to tell her what a terrible call she made during the changeover. 

Berdych ended up losing the point, and eventually the game, and then the match. All the momentum he had going in the third set at the time was erased after the point was [correctly] awarded to Cilic. The set ended up going to a tiebreak, which Berdych lost. Cilic advanced to the semfinals of the US Open with a 6-2, 6-4, 7-6 victory. He will face the winner of the Roger Federer/Gael Monfils match later tonight.