To celebrate American's birthday on this Fourth of July, here is another post of USA Olympic glory. This one is a bit older - February 22, 1980, to be exact. But it remains USA's most glorious Olympic moment and one of the best sports moments in history. Here are the highlights from the Miracle on Ice, in which the college hockey players that made up Team USA, coached by Herb Brooks, defeated the juggernaut Soviet Union men's ice hockey team in the 1980 Lake Placid Olympics.

The miraculous nature of the win, which was in the semifinals and sent the USA to the finals where they defeated Finland for the gold medal, made for a perfect combination with the geopolitical crises of the time. The Cold War with the Soviet Union was in full force. The game came to symbolize hope and encourage patriotism in a country that had grown cynical in the years after Watergate, Vietnam, as well as myriad social, political, and economic problems. It also inspired the excellent 2004 movie 'Miracle'. But these GIFs are from youtube footage of the original game, which is obviously poor quality given how old it is, but it sure it great.

The GIFs below include Mike Eruzione's game-winning goal late in the third period that put the USA up 4-3 and the ensuing celebration as the seconds ticked down and Al Michaels asked "do you believe in miracles?"

And the celebration: